Old Man Mask

Old Man Mask

Old Man Mask

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Halloween Holiday Funny Mask Supersoft Old Man Mask

Indistinguishable face, masquerade, Halloween, another self

The old man face is definitely your new experience in Halloween.

This Face is sculpted and designed on our completely updated core, and is by far our most suitable and versatile face. This Face has all our latest updates in Face design and technology.

Why choose Metamorphose Face?

Skin-safe pla-tinum silicone

All our silicone face are made of ultra-flexible, skin safe pla-tinum grade silicone rubber.

Seamless Eyeholes-For extra realism, our face come with the smallest and most comfortable eye hole possible.

Power mesh reinforced-Our silicone face are reinforced with a 4-way stretch fabric in strategic areas like the mouth, eyes, ears and nose to ensure superior durability without limiting movement.

Our face are designed with longer than average bibs for optimal chest coverage and realism.

100% Brand new.

We Don't Just Sell Latex Halloween Masks. We Sell Characters Our Customers Can Become.

Comfortable and Light Weight. Moving Mouth.
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